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Career Management Program
  CMP is a service given to the newly graduates as well as for those who wish to have a career change. It offers assessment, counseling and training to its clientele. The program will enable its client to know the current trends in labor market, have an over all assessment of their skills, interest and training that will help them land for a better career.

Under this program are the following services:

  • Vocational Assessment and Counseling Program
    A program designed to help students/graduates and professionals to have a thorough assessment of their skills, interest and hobbies. This will assist them in choosing the job they will develop.
  • Career Selection Services
    Base on their skill assessment, this service will assist the person to land to the right career. It is a counseling service that uses the latest trend in the labor market and in the work place.
  • Skills Monitoring and Enhancement Program
    One program of Infotech is to manage the career of professionals who seek its services. Skills monitoring will help the counselor in having a clear view of the skills acquired by its employee client. It is also a service provided to help clients know what particular training they need to enhance their career.



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